Storey County Planning Commission
P.O. Box 526
Virginia City, Nevada 89440

Re: Cordevista

Dear Commissioners,

I am writing as a principle partner of the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRI) regarding the proposed Cordevista subdivision. First I would like to preface my comments by saying I appreciate the outstanding relationship we have historically enjoyed between TRI and Storey County. As such, I fully support whatever decisions the County might make as it considers this and other similar project proposals.

I would like to make a few comments for the record in my desire to insure the commissioners are clear where TRI may, or may not be involved in this new project. My comments are as follows:

> I understand that TRI has been mentioned as a primary justification for the Cordevista proposal. Specifically the need to balance "rooftops" with TRI business employee growth has been repeatedly referenced. Based on my ongoing experiences in dealing with site selectors and national firms, it appears that nothing is impeding their desire to locate in TRI and Storey County. In fact, all involved seem most satisfied with existing housing availability on a regional basis. When we mention plans by others to develop over 17,000 acres of the southernmost portion of the original ranch property into 35,000 housing units, coupled with the 2400+ acre Painted Rock Properties project (estimated to encompass over 3000 additional homes), the potential only seems to more clearly lead prospects to the conclusion the we are the place to be. While additional projects such as Cordevista do not represent a determent to our further development, we feel they are not essential to our continued marketing success at this point in time.

> For the record, TRI has not entered into any agreement pertaining to establishing access roads from the Cordevista site into the TRI project. Again, I wish to be clear that while the development LLC members of TRI may not be closed to such a concept at some future point, and following extensive traffic studies with impacts identified to our project infrastructure, we may do so only when it becomes advantageous to both the Industrial Park project and with the approval of Storey County.

> TRI has not, and is not currently, negotiating for the sale or transfer of water rights to Cordevista or their principle agents. In fact, we continue to work diligently thru the permitting process to procure sufficient rights to develop the Park to its optimum potential. It's painful to occasionally lose major companies due to an inability to deliver the water sufficient to meet their needs, even when we believe it is already contained within our property holdings.

In conclusion, I thank you for your diligence in making sure the future of our County is well planned and managed. As a proud partner of Storey County, we are confident that we shall continue to grow and prosper in the right directions and retain all that motivated us to choose this great part of Northern Nevada in the first place.


Lance Gilman