The documents in this package were scanned by, and this index with active links was produced by, Jed Margolin.

The number before the entry refers to the page designation in the package.

Some documents have been converted to html using OCR in order to make them easier to search and to quote from. Some formatting details have been lost in the process.  (And always verify them against the original PDF version before quoting from them.)

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Jed Margolin
Virginia City Highlands, NV
August 6, 2007

Cordevista Project
Bates Nos. VH0669 - VH1048

Tab No.Date         Description


50     5/19/2006         Ownership Information for parcel 004-201-05

51      5/19/2006        Ownership Information for Parcel Number 004-151-06

52      2/6/2007         Master Plan Amendment/Public Hearing for Virginia Highlands Application

53      2/26/2007      Check in the amount of $1,000 from Virginia Highlands to Storey

VH0673 - VH0675
54     2/26/2007     Zone Change/Hearing Project 2007-050 for Applicant Virginia Highlands

55  2/26/2007     Ownership Information for Parcel 004-211-06

56      2/26/2007     Secured Tax payment Entry for Parcel 004-211-02

57      2/26/2007     Ownership Information regarding Parcel Number 004-211-06

58      3/13/2007     Secured Tax payment Inquiry for parcel 004-201-05

59       3/13/2007     Secured Tax payment Inquiry for parcel 004 201-06

VH0681 - VH0682
60      3/15/2007     Letter from JoAnn Aldrich to Storey County Planning Commission

61      3/19/2007     2nd page of Official Minutes 19 March 07

VH0684 -VH0686
62      3/26/2007     Letter from Stanley to Storey County Planning Commissioners

63      3/26/2007     letter from Gribbin to Storey County Planning Commission

64      3/26/2007     letter from Kennedy to Storey County Planning Commission

VH0689 -VH0690
65      3/26/2007     letter from Dean to Storey County Planning Commission

66      3/27/2007    letter from LeBel-Flatley to Planning Commission re Proposed Cordevista Development

67      3/28/2007     e-mail from Lea to Haymore re Planning Commission Meetings

68      3/28/2007     e-mail from Miller to Cordevista re attending Meetings

69     3/28/2007     letter from Elbrecht to Storey County Commissioners

70     3/29/2007     letter from City of Reno to commissioner Doug Walling, Chairman

VH0696 - VH0698
71     3/29/2007     letter from Tom Taormina to Storey County Planning Commission

VH0699 -VH0701
72      3/30/2007     Letter from Cordevista to Virginia City Highlands and Virginia City Residents

73      3/30/2007     Public Notice of April 5, 2007 Storey County Planning Commission meeting

74      3/30/2007     e-mail from Mays to Whitten at Storey County

VH0704 - VH0705
75  4/2/2007 Letter from Patrick Flanagan to Storey County Planning Commission

76      4/2/2007     Letter from Vicki Primm to Storey County Planning Commission

VH0707 - VH0711
72      4/2/2007     Letter from Jed Margolin to Storey County Commissioners

78      4/5/2007     Letter from Kleinfelder to Blake Smith re Uranium

79      4/5/2007     Letter of Notification for Master Plan Amendment #2007-049

80      4/5/2007     Letter of Notification for Zone Change #2007-050

VH0715 - VH0717
81      4/9/2007     Lagomarsino Canyon Petroglyph Preserve Plan Outline

82      4/9/2007     Letter to Bret Tyler/Storey County from Connie Butts

VH0719 - VH0722
83      4/9/2007     Letter from Aird to Storey County Building Official/Planning

84      4/10/2007     Letter from Terry Remer VC Highlands Property Owner

85      4/11/2007    e-mail from Steve Burke to Storey County Planning re Cordevista application

VH0725 - VH0726
86      4/12/2007     e-mail from Bennetts to Dean Haymore re Cordevista Project

87      4/12/2007    fax cover sheet from Woody, PhD, RPA to Dean Haymore re NRAF letter to Storey County

VH0728 - VH0892
88      4/13/2007     Transcript of Meeting of the Storey County Planning Commission at the Virginia City Highlands Firestation        {A better quality document is available, as well as an html version. Click here }

89      4/13/2007     Planning Commission Meeting Amended Agenda

VH0894 - VH0895
90      4/13/2007     Official Minutes of 13 April 07

VH0896 - VH0931
91      4/13/2007     Referendum Petition on the Storey County Master Plan with signatures
{ I have removed the phone numbers of of regard for people's privacy. When they signed the petition they probably didn't know it would end up on the Internet. And, although it is a graphic image, it is likely that someone will eventually convert everything on the Internet to text.}

VH0932 - VH0933
92      4/13/2007     Letter from Turman to Storey County Planning re proposed Cordevista development

93      4/13/2007     Letter from Keith Judson to Storey County Planning Commission

VH0935 - VH0936
94     4/17/2007     letter from Kay Dean to Storey County Planning Commission

95      4/18/2007     e-mail from Edwards to Dean and Maggie re Court Reporter

VH0938 - VH0939
96      4/23/2007     Letter to Blake Smith from Larry Prater  {For html version click here.}

VH0940 - VH0941
97      4/26/2007     Letter to Storey County from Sprenger, owner Lot 4, 5, 6, et al

VH0942 - VH0943
98      4/26/2007     Letter to Storey County from Sprenger, owner Lot 62, Block "M"

VH0944 - VH0946
99     4/26/2007     Letter to Storey County from Anthony West

100     5/3/2007     Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

101      5/3/2007     Official Minutes of 3 May 07

102      5/3/2007     Memo to Larry Prater from Blake Smith Re Answers to April 23, 2007 Memo
[Cover Sheet Only. No answers here.]

The answers were contained separately in Blake's White Binder. There have all been collected by Donna of the Building/Planning Department. Click here for the original PDFs. Click here for html.

Page 3 in 05/03/07  Response letter from The Planning Center to April 23, 2007, letter re Items Nos. 2, 5, 6, & 7 seems to be missing but I am assured there were only two pages.

The writer left out part of the quote regarding "spot planning" in Answer to 7, which he got from: zoning.htm

I have reproduced the entire quote here.

VH0950 - VH0994
103      5/3/2007     Transcript Deposition Storey County Planning Commission Meeting at Lockwood
{A better quality document is available, as well as an html version. Click here }

104      5/3/2007     e-mail from Mitchell Giberson to Dean Haymore

VH0996 - VH0997
105      5/7/2007     Letter to Members of the Planning Commission from Bair-Shockney

106      5/17/2007     Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

VH0999 - VH1001
107      5/17/2007     Official Minutes of 17 May 07

VH1001 - VH1002
108      6/7/2007     letter from Community Chest, Inc. to Pat Whitten

109      7/9/2007     e-mail from Blake Smith to Dean haymore re Meeting Request
{For html version click here.}

VH1004 - VH1021
110      7/16/2007     Cordevista Impact Staff Report      {A better quality document is available, as well as an html version. Click here }

VH1022 - VH1023
111      7/16/2007     Letter from Gunderson to Amodei, Esq. re Cordevista Application to Storey County
{For html version click here.}

112      7/16/2007     Letter from Gunderson to Mollath, Esq. re Master Plan Amendment and Zone Change
{For html version click here.}

113      7/19/2007     Letter of Notification for Zone change #2007-050

114      7/19/2007     Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

115      7/19/2007     Letter of Notifcation for Master Plan Amendment #2007-049

VH1028 - VH1041
116      not dated     Cordevista A Master Planned Mixed Use Community

VH1042 - VH1045
117      not dated     Cordevista Current Allowable Uses

118      not dated     Cordevista Map

119      not dated     Master Plan Amendment 2007-049

120     not dated     Cordevista map